Christian Light School

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Raising up Christian Leadership in Haiti-

one meal,one education,one soul at a time

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:40


Haiti is a very needy country, and the people of Haiti look to Christian missionaries for help.  We are not able to meet all of the needs, but we try.


These are a few of our many needs:

  • We need children of the Most High God praying for us!  We are able to do nothing on our own.  Absolutely everything depends on the Lord.  Please keep this in prayer.  See Pray for Us
  • Our Director, Sherrie Fausey, is 70 years old.  We want God to send us a new Director who can carry on Sherrie's mission and vision with a smooth transition for Staff and Students.
  • We need people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to Jesus and come to Haiti full time.   We need a children’s home director, plant supervisor, teachers, nutrition supervisor, visitor’s coordinator, school director, office manager.  We need YOU!  See Get Involved
  • Many of our staff are still in very poor housing situations.  For $5,000 we can build a small house on their property.  We need to continue building little houses for our staff.  See Staff Housing
  • We need sponsors for our children.  Most of our children do not have a sponsor.  See Sponsor a Child
  • We need short term teams to come in and work for a week or 2 weeks.  What could you do?  Finish construction, teach Bible, teach a skill such as sewing or carpentry, do repairs, hold a medical clinic, hold a dental clinic (we have a dental unit and compressor), take children on field trips, teach teachers, do eye exams, build furniture, teach parenting skills, etc.  The needs are endless.  You could stay in our guest rooms.  See Short Term Volunteer
  • We need a tin roof on the dining room.  We prefer a tin roof, as it will be higher to let in more light and not echo like a concrete ceiling.  Temporarily, we have enjoyed some relief from sun shades, but they are beginning to fall apart.  We really need a solid roof.
  • Financial help for Christian Light School, Inc. has been amazing through the years.  But, that essential aid is now being divided amongst other ministries in Haiti.  Those other missionaries originally came to work at Christian Light School and then split off to start missions of their own.  We are thrilled and excited to see these other missions get started, but we need new financial donors to replace the ones who are now supporting those new missions that branched out from Christian Light School.
  • The Children’s Home needs everything.  Toys and clothes for children ages 1 to 6.  Sheets, towels, furniture, curtains, appliances, everything.  We especially need a loving Director.  The tile on the floors keeps breaking.  We need them removed and replaced with simple concrete floors.
  • There is a narrow ledge along a wall in the ravine that is very dangerous.  Children have fallen off into the nasty trash and rocks in the filthy water.  We need someone to design a plan that will widen the ledge area to make it safe for children and adults.


Need a tin roof in our dining room to replace the disintegrating sun shades

Need to fix the dangerous ledge beside the ravine




Please prayerfully consider how you may partner with Christian Light School.

We continue to walk forward in ministry, dependent on God for provision and wisdom.

Christian Light School, Inc.

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